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I.Resource conservation and Low carbon production

Precision equipments of KHM manufactory ensure the maximum use of raw materials as well reduce the cost of energy.

II.Energy conservation and environmental protection

We try to set a good sample to push the development of green industry. KHM group  invests millions dollars to do R&D on our mining machine

 in order to improve the efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Protecting the enviroment and realizing the maximum use natural resources is the 

responsibility of Kinghong Great.We are tying to find the way of sustainable development.

III.KHM is a responsible team and what we create together with you is long-term cause.

.KHM commits to providing long-term and best services to every customer. KHM concerns not only environmental protection but also how can be a good partner and meet your requirements.

 Therefore, KHM project implements management system covering environment, safety and quality.KHM treats every detail seriously. The projects we have undertaken and will undertake are good enough to pass through the certification, review, evaluation and supervision successfully.



Our aim

  • Ensure our activity to meet the requirements of related environmental protection regulation and other regulations. We have successfully passed through various audit and administration permission after having a thorough communication with related organization.
  • Help our customers to obtain profits continuously, shoulder social responsibility and guarantee health safety.
  • Consider economic efficiency, resources-saving, waste-reducing and completed system when we do the design.
  • Reduce the use of environmentally harmful substances and non-renewable energy.
  • Offer working environment with sound quality to enhance the workers' satisfaction, health level and working efficiency.
  • Assist and improve our supplier and OEM Partner to reduce as much as possible the environmental influence from our business.
  • Enhance our ability continuously to meet the changing needs of our customers.
  • Encourage and mobilize employees at all levels to organize effective communication, discussion and training.


IV.CSR of KHM group for Environment Protecting

We advocate our employee to go to work by bike which can help to reduce the emission of CO2 .




social responsibility of khm


KHM is developing rapidly under the support of the whole society. We are creating the value as well as giving back to the society. 

We are on going to participte in public welfare activities and charity event..




We also have a KingHong charity Fund for Children who dropout of school to help them access to education and the heart found for old people.