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Mine Design


Three parts of mine design: feasibility study, preliminary design and construction plan

The key of mine design is all must be established on the basis of detailed investigation, and therefore KHM Mine Design Institute will firstly take a comprehensive field study to the mine of clients including the crude ore for dressing plant, site, water, electricity, traffic, geography, etc..

These investigation contents need the cooperation of geology, mining, ore dressing, smelting, machinery, civil engineering, electric power and other departments

I . Feasibility study

In the feasibility study stage, first, Mine Design Institute and the client need to sign the entrustment agreement. After the two sides reaching an agreement, Xinhai Mine Design Institute starts to establish a working group for work including: planning, investigation, data collection, planning and optimization, project evaluation, "report" writing, and exchanging views with commissioned units to form a formal report.

In all the work of the working group to carry out, investigation, data collection and plan optimization is the most important basis for selecting plant construction scheme. For these important parts, working group requires different professional division and cooperation, including:

1、 Geological specialty : Collecting "Geological General Survey and Design", "Geological Survey (detailed survey) Report" or "Reserve Verification Report" and the approved documents of qualified geological prospecting departments

2、 Mining specialty : Information collection:(1)、Opinion and requirements of clients of mine construction(2)、For new mines, collecting the existing layout maps of exploration engineering; for technical improvement mines, collecting the existing transit system information(3)、Detailed knowledge of mining area terrain and surrounding environment conditions;(4)、Design information of the preliminary design stage of mine

According this collecting information, mining experts design or optimize the mining method, equipment, ventilation system and so on, and come up with a feasible plan for mining section

Civil construction site

3、 Mining machinery specialty : Judging the situation of mine existing equipment or equipment quantity and specifications new mine required by collecting mine information of lifting, transportation, pressure, drainage, etc.

4、 Civil engineering specialty :Information collection(1)、Investigation field geomorphic condition(2)、Collecting hydrological data and "geotechnical engineering investigation report";(3)、To know the local architectural style, structure, waterproof, thermal insulation and other building practices(4)、Investigation of material sources, transportation and price of the local building including gravel, brick, lumber, steel, cement, etc. Basing on these data, Civil Engineering Department explains the form of building construction for customers in the report, and determines the main project structure and the main construction method

Motor Starting Cabinet

5、 Electric power specialty : For new mine, information collection(1)、The electricity supply environment of mine (2)、Topography and geomorphology between ore area and current source(3)、The basic condition of transformer substation(4)、The requirements of local power supply department, such as power, power supply mode, the starting mode of large electrical equipment (5)、The local requirements of lightning protection and grounding(6)、The condition of external communication and local communication. For improvement and extension mine, information collection(1)、Mine power supply existing situation(2)、The general situation of transformer substation(3)、The setting situation of existing safety source (4)、Existing communication situation

After collecting information, electrical power specialty comes up with feasibility program for electric power system of new mine or improvement & extension mine submitted to competent department of Mine Design Institute

6、 Mineral dressing specialty: Information collection for new mine: "Ore beneficiability test report", plant topographic map (1:500 1:1000), the water, electricity, tailings dam, environmental protection requirements, the construction standards, the amount of investment and building opinion of owners. Information collection for extension mine: the current project scale, ore beneficiability test report, the present production process, operating parameters, material consumption, existing specification and production capacity of equipment, general layout plans of the existing processing plant, equipment layout plans of workshop, production problems. Basing on these data, mineral dressing specialty comes up with a feasible solution for new or renovation and expansion mineral dressing plant.

In addition, the specialties needing to collecting information including general plan transportation (geographic and topographic data; social economy; weather; flood; engineering geology and hydrology geology; traffic; environmental protection), tailings (tailings information, hydrometeor), drainage, HVAC, etc.

 Xinhai EPC floatation workshop of a mineral dressing plan

By the data collection and the feasibility study from the various specialties, Mine Design Institute ultimately determines a feasible scheme for the plant construction, and writes the " feasibility study report " submitted to the relevant departments.

"Feasibility study report" with strict requirements on qualification, ability, experience, professional title of writer is important basis for evaluation EIA and safety unit (some projects must take soil and water conservation and land reclamation evaluation).

Clients would have a general understanding of the dressing plant scale, investment scale, profit and other key factors by "Feasibility study report"


II . Preliminary design

Safety chapter of preliminary design

After "Feasibility study report" approved, Mine Design Institute starts preliminary design and comes up with the design of dressing plant construction. Design mainly involves: dressing, general layout, electric power, communication, civil engineering, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, tailings, safety and fire protection, investment estimates, economic benefit. For the improvement and extension enterprises, the preliminary design will illustrate the status, characteristics, plant, main problems, utilization of main buildings and equipment.

KHM Mine Design Institute has many engineers who can design different types of dressing plants (less investment, quick capital return or easy management) according to clients’ requirements. what's more, the design cost is lower than the national standard.

After the completion of the preliminary design, Design Institute experts will gather all content to form the detailed“Preliminary design report " submitted to competent department of Mine Design Institute


III . Working drawings

Parts of working drawings of a dressing plant

When the preliminary design is approved, Mine Design Institute starts to design working drawings. Every aspect of dressing plant needs a lot of construction drawings (generally, over 100 working drawings), such as civil construction. Engineers of Xinhai Mining Institute are numerous with rich experience and drawing speed. When the working drawings completed, the designers must hand the drawings over to construction commanding officers, especially, the notes, strict regulation and important content.