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Quartz main ingredient is silica, Mohs hardness 7, translucent or opaque crystals, generally white.Quartz according to the quality can be classified of ordinary quartz san,d fine quartz san,d high purity quartz sand and fused silica sand.

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Quartz stone production line is divided into ordinary quartz sand quartz sand and refined quartz sand. General quartz sand specifications: 6-10M ,10-20M ,20-40M ,40-80M ,80-120M, 120M, 200M, 260M, 325M, 600M.Quartz block raw material through vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher for coarse broken, coarse material transported by belt conveyor to cone crusher (HPC hydraulic cone crusher, HCS hydraulic cone crusher) for further crushing, crushed materials sent into the vibrating screen to screening out two kinds of quartz stones, one kind quartz which can meet sand making crusher feed size will be sent into sand making machine, another part of the material will be sent back into the cone crusher for re-crushing.

Coarse crushed material sent by belt conveyor to sand making machine (VSI5X vertical shaft impact crusher) for further crushing, and crushed material being transported to vibrating screen, finished size material will fed into sand washing machine for cleaning, after cleaning the finished materials will be the final product; crushed materials which do not meet the required final size will from the vibrating screen returns into sand making machine for re-crushing. Quartz product final size can according to the needs of users to mix and graded. If you choose dry production process, you can be equipped with the fineness powder separator and dust removal equipment.




Quartz sand is widely used in the following industries: 
1. Quartz sand applied in manufacture of glass, making refractories, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, abrasive materials and other fields; 
2. Quartz products in construction industry used for extracting concrete acid and acid-resistant mortar; 
3. Quartz sand plays an important role as the core raw material in silicon production; 
4. Natural crystal raw material shortages and expensive. The featured purification purity quartz sand, ultra-fine quartz powder instead of crystal meets the increasing demand for high-tech.

Quartz sand by the unique physical and chemical characteristics, expecialy its intrinsic molecular chain structure, variation of the crystal shape and lattice, making it has a high temperature, thermal expansion coefficient, high insulation, corrosion resistance, the piezoelectric effect, the resonant effects as well as its unique optical properties, in many high-tech products quartz sand is playing an increasingly important role.

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